Dynabead® replacement guide for MagSi Beads

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The MagSi bead range covers most of the application areas in genomics and proteomics. The products are proven in a lot of low, medium and high throughput protocols. The MagSi particles are high quality magnetic beads with unique surface and physical properties.

We deliver with its MagSi products, a perfect solution for replacing the competitive Dynabeads® – without major changes in protocols or handling. MagSi products have a proven track record for manual use and many robotic platforms (Beckmann® , Tecan®, IDS®, Xyril®, Stratek®, Hamilton®, Roche® and others). Our application specialists will assist you when needed, to make the transfer to MagSi products possible.

Art.nr. Invitrogen / Dynal Product vol (ml) MagnaMedics Art.nr. Product vol (ml) Remarks
105-11D 2Dynabeads® WCX MD01023 MagSi-WCX 2 *
105-15D 2Dynabeads® SCX MD01023 MagSi-WCX 2 *
105-15D 2Dynabeads® SAX MD01025 MagSi-WAX 2 *
102-11D 2Dynabeads® RPC 18 MD01009 MagSi-proteomics C18 / MD01015 MagSi-proteomics C8 2 / 2 * / **
102-16D 2Dynabeads® RPC protein MD01014 MagSi-proteomics C4 / MD01015 MagSi-proteomics C8 2 / 2 * / **
370-02D 5Dynabeads® MyOne silane MD01003 MagSi-S 1.0 2 ***
650-11 2Dynabeads® MyOne carboxylic acid MD01004 MagSi-S-COOH 1.0 2 ***
143-05D 2Dynabeads® M-270 carboxylic acid MD01004 MagSi-S-COOH 1.0 2 ***
143-07D 2Dynabeads® M-270 Amine MD01005 MagSi-S-NH2 1.0 2 ***
100-01D 1Dynabeads® Protein A for immunopr. MD01011 MagSi-protein A 1.0 1 ***
100-03D 1Dynabeads® Protein G for immunopr. MD01012 MagSi-protein G 1.0 1 ***
656-01 Dynabeads® MyOne™ Streptavidin C1 2 MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 2 ***
650-01 Dynabeads® MyOne™ Streptavidin T1 2 MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 2 ***
653-05 2Dynabeads® M-270 Streptavidin MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 2 ***
112-05D 2Dynabeads® M-280 Streptavidin MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 2 ***

* Discontinued by Invitrogen
** To choose the right beads for your application use our MagSi proteomics selection guide
*** MagSi Beads are also availabe in 600nm bead size to increase binding capacity and sensitivity due larger surface
Please note that the 1.0µm Beads are combining the large surface of a 1µm bead with high magnetic performance
MagSi-xxx 1.0 beads can replace 2,8µm and 1µm beads of Invitrogen in most of the existing applications
All MagSi products are available in higer standard volumes as well as customized variants for OEM usage.


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