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Gentaur has developed magnetic nanoparticles that meet the specific needs of specialists in proteomics orientated laboratories. The flexible MagSi-proteomics solution offers scientists specific advantages over other commonly used methods. One of these are the well-known ZipTips® provided by e.g. Millipore company. This newsletter will explain the use of reverse phase techniques (RP) and MagSi-proteomics advantages over ZipTips®.

Reversed phase (RP) chromatographic material is typically used for sample desalting e.g. after tryptic digest prior to mass spectrometry. The surface of magnetic beads and ZipTips® have been modified with C4, C8 and C18 alkyl groups typical for RP applications. The length of the alkyl groups generates differences in the hydrophobicity of chromatographic material. Figure 1 gives an overview when to use which chromatographic material.

magSI proteomics vs ZipTips

The MagSi-proteomics particles listed, offers an ideal tool for the purification, concentration and desalting of peptides and protein digests. Comparison of the MagSi-proteomics products and available ZipTips® shows significant product differences when used for proteomics

magSI proteomics vs ZipTips

Greatest advantage of magnetic beads based tools for desalting and pre-fractionation of protein and peptide samples is the high sample volume and concentration flexibility. The protocols can be easily scaled up and down towards you specific sample concentration/volume used. Further on magnetic bead based manual protocols can be easily adopted to automated, robotic liquid handling protocols. In contrast, tip based protocols are in many cases hard to automate on fully liquid handling workstations because of the well known back-pressure caused by chromatographic material itself and the imprecision of the Tip itself. The imprecision is especially critical in parallel Maldi plate spotting.

magSI proteomics vs ZipTips

* MagnaMedics compared to ZipTip® producer(s) has more different product types at hand for sample purification. This gives the flexibility needed for the proteomics researcher.
* MagSi-proteomics RP beads have a high binding capacity. This results in best quality Maldi spectra.
* MagSi-proteomics beads volumes are easily scalable to the available sample amount. Zip Tips® are only available with fixed bed volume, therewith limiting quantitative analysis.
* All MagSi-proteomics beads are highly suitable for automation. MagSi products have a proven track for use in many Liquid handling systems including Beckmann® , Tecan®, Xyril®, Stratek®, Hamilton®, Roche® and others.
* No back-pressure issues using MagSi-proteomics RP beads. Zip Tips are known to have back-pressure issues, especially in automated mode.
* MagSi-proteomics are up to two fold less expensive than the original ZipTips®, depending on the protocol used.

magSI proteomics vs ZipTips
magSI proteomics vs ZipTips
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